An room is decorated in natural colours and textures with a heavy, round wooden table at its centre, holding art books, glass items and a vase of dried grasses.A room is decorated in natural colours and textures with a heavy, round wooden table at its centre, holding art books, glass items and a vase of dried grasses.
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Summersby House

Layered with warming textures, a botanical motif and statement-making patterns, this beautiful family home combines a classic interior design style with standout contemporary elements.

A polished wood dining table holds metal candlesticks and is surrounded by six chairs in a dark fabric. In the background, a tall mirrored sideboard holds stemware, vases and a pair of lamps.
A dark wood bar with three leather-seated bar stools stands in front of a curved, mirrored sideboard holding stemware, decanters and bottles of alcohol.
A large, shorthaired pointer dog with a speckled brown coat sits on a  brown leather armchair in front of wallpaper with grayscale illustrations of trees.
A lamp stands on a tall sideboard holding stemware, cocktail shakers and bottles of whisky, bourbon and brandy. In the foreground is a leafy plant and in the background is wallpaper featuring grayscale watercolour illustrations of trees.
A breakfast nook with striped, upholstered seating and a blue wooden frame stands at the centre of a large kitchen. In the sides of the wooden breakfast nook are built-in drawers and shelves holding cookbooks. A cluster of potted plants flourishes in the background, a fiddle-leaf fig stands in a woven basket on the far right, and a decorative tile splashback is seen in the background, in what appears to be an alcove for the stove.

Layered In Luxury

Conceptualising the interior for this family home was an absolute joy. Each space tells its own unique story, from the hand-painted wallpaper in the dining room to the pared-back look and feel of the bedroom.

A section of a kitchen displays dark blue cabinets, black countertops and a wooden work surface. Sections of the wall are visible and feature patterned tiles, in front of which are a coffee machine, coffee bean grinder, and jars of spices and dry goods.
A breakfast nook, in dark blue-painted wood with built-in bookshelves and drawers, can be seen in front of a tall kitchen cupboard in the same treatment. A tiled section of the wall separates an area for a coffee machine, bean grinder, and shelves holding dry goods.
A comfortably furnished living room features couches upholstered in blue, a heavy wooden writing desk, bookshelves and a large, simple fireplace.
A dark wooden writing desk is in a comfortably furnished room with ornaments, a plant, a desk lamp and an open magazine displayed on its surface. A dark wood Louis XV-style chair in cream fabric stands in front of it, and in the background, three ceramic figures stand on a mantlepiece and a large window sheds light on the room through white blinds.

Natural textures and deep blue tones provide continuity between the different spaces of the home.

A large, dark blue sofa holds four white cushions. It sits in front of a bookshelf holding cookbooks, art publications and a variety of decorative ceramic pieces. In the foreground, a blanket, two art books and a tray holding three decorative ornaments sit on a square ottoman. A small metal side table holds a vase of flowers.
A living room is furnished in blues, creams and white, with chairs and an ottoman visible in front of a large fireplace with a mantlepiece holding blue ceramic figures.
A closeup of a coffee table shows various trays and boxes adorned with geometric patterns, holding ornaments, coral, and a glass vase of flowers.
A cat with handsome black-and-white markings sits in the middle of a power table surrounded by chairs. A mirror stands in the corner of the room beside an artwork showing an outline of a person wearing red high heels.
A sitting room features a square, mirrored coffee table, cream-coloured sofa, armchairs upholstered in ornate fabric, and two bookshelves and bookshelves holding vintage books alongside decorative items.
Three shelves hold books, vases and ornaments in various shades of cream, brown and gold, as well as a decanter and chess set.
A square, mirrored coffee table holds ornaments and flowers in front of a light-coloured sofa and intricately patterned curtains.
A closeup of a side table shows a clock, contemporary lamp and glass vase holding green foliage. On the wall is a line drawing, and the wallpaper and bed linen are white.

The main bedroom’s muted, neutral colour palette brings a sense of calm — a relaxing escape after a long day.

A four-poster bed, upholstered chair, bedroom bench and side table are seen in a bedroom with an A-frame ceiling, furnished in white, light neutrals and dark wood.
A four-poster bed, upholstered chairs, bedroom bench and side table are seen in a bedroom with an A-frame ceiling, furnished in white, light neutrals and dark wood.
A close-up of a four-poster bed's buttoned headboard upholstered in linen with pillows and duvet in very light-coloured fabrics.
Two children are seen from above as they descend a curved, wooden staircase. On the floor below them, a pointer dog enters the room.
A white bathroom interior looks out through windows onto a garden hedge. A wide vanity's countertop features a sink to the viewer's right, with a tray holding flowers and scent containers to the left.
5 Bedroom
Richard Perfect
A contemporary living room with a glass coffee table in the centre, a grey and a white sofa on either side and large windows in the background.
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