A sitting area features two couches, upholstered chairs, and a glass coffee table holding a tray of square objects and a glass vase of greenery. A leafy plant, a pair of white lamps, and a sculpture of a group of meerkats are visible in the background. A chandelier hangs aboveA sitting area features two couches, upholstered chairs, and a glass coffee table holding a tray of square objects and a glass vase of greenery. A leafy plant, a pair of white lamps, and a sculpture of a group of meerkats are visible in the background. A chandelier hangs above
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Rolling Lawns

Nestled within nature, this sophisticated Bishopscourt home has a light and airy flow that’s emphasised by its neutral colour palette and views of the outdoors. Seamless, elegant and full of personality.

A sitting area features a couch holding cushions, all in neutral tones, and a glass coffee table holding a tray of square objects and a glass vase of greenery. A chandelier hangs above and large glass doors to the garden are visible behind the couch
A closeup of a couch upholstered in pale fabric holding cushions in various textures and neutral tones, as well as a folded, light brown blanket
A sitting area features a couch, two patterned, upholstered chairs, and a glass coffee table holding a tray of square objects and a glass vase of greenery. A large wooden wardrobe and a framed painting of a rural town are seen in the background. A chandelier hangs above
A sculpture of a group of meerkats sits between two large, white ceramic lamps on a wooden console table. A palm in a wicker basket stands on each side of the console, and a chandelier hangs above. A framed painting of a house in a rural setting is visible in the background
A living area decorated in neutral tones, natural wood, blue-patterned cushions, and fresh greenery. The garden is visible through glass doors

Endless Elegance

With lush lawns as the perfect backdrop, this home has a timeless interior design style that pays homage to its locale, while still being a relaxing sanctuary for the whole family.

A pointer dog with a speckled coat reclines behind a couch. Behind the dog is a living area in neutral tones and polished wood
An A-frame, double-volume ceiling frames a living area decorated in neutral tones with natural wood and fresh greenery. An outdoor area and mountain views are visible in the background
A wooden-framed coffee table with a mirrored base and clear glass table top holds ornate ashtrays on its lower levels and what appears to be a vase of greenery on its top. A neutral coloured couch is visible, holding blue and blue-patterned cushions
A modern, A-frame kitchen with an exposed brick wall features a central kitchen island and white cabinetry. Bar stools are arranged in front of the island and potted plants sit on its surface
A black kitchen countertop holds a wooden board piled with green grapes and a large wheel of cheese. Behind this is a window draped with blinds in a stylised, botanical pattens, and on the counter and windowsill are a white planter holding greenery and a white organic-shaped vase holding loquat fruit and leaves

Every detail has been well thought out, from the spacious kitchen to the various entertainment areas.

White-framed chairs and a central, glass-topped table holding a large vase of mixed greenery all sit in front of a wall of shelves holding plants and ceramic vessels
Light wood cabinets are seen from an angle, with a standing lamp in front of them. On their shelves are ceramic vessels, potted plants, and plants that seem to have been planted directly into shelves made to accommodate them
A stack of pancakes and fruit sits on a plate on a round glass table, beside a pile of circular plates holding fabric napkins and forks with handles resembling bamboo. Also on the table are a drinking glass and a glass vase of greenery, while the table's base and accompanying chairs are white, geometric cut-out shapes
A botanical illustration of a palm and its fruits hangs on the wall behind a beige couch holding patterned cushions in pinks, corals and greens. In front of the couch are a contemporary blue side table holding a vase that contains greenery and flowers, a pouffe with a lilac throw draped over it, and a grass carpet on a dark brick floor

Soft textures are combined with soothing patterns and artwork to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Two old-fashioned luggage chests, one on top of the other, sit next to wicker baskets of fire wood. On the top chest are a panama-style hat, books, and glasses with round frames
A bench upholstered in grey, geometric-patterned fabric has a light wood frame that seems to be bamboo, and holds three large cushions. It sits on a floor made of large stone tiles, with a metallic vessel beside it holding vintage sporting equipment, and a framed painting above it showing an impressionistic landscape
A detail of a studded armchair upholstered in a botanical fabric in shades of green also shows a green cushion with blue details

Beautiful upholstery reminiscent of nature is a motif that runs throughout the home.

Four blue-upholstered bar chairs sit in front of a wooden bar counter holding a large glass vase of greenery. Under a central, angular hanging light fitting, the bar walls accommodates four shelves of liquor bottles, with large, glass-paned doors to the left and right
A bar counter has blue-upholstered chairs arranged in front of and behind it. Shelves holding the bar's bottles of liquor can be seen to one side, and a bold, glass pendant light hangs above the countertop
A blue corner chaise enjoys light from windows on two of its sides, while a grey-upholstered ottoman with button detailing is in the centre of the image. A slim, white-topped table holds a vase filled with leaves and small fruit
A brown leather sofa sits in the centre of a room, flanked by side tables bound in leather and fabric, much like luggage. Behind the couch are bookshelves and a framed, vintage map. In front of it is a coffee table in a similar style to the side tables, holding a drinks tray and two jars adorned with imitation antlers and holding cashew nuts
A close-up of a cigar in a square ashtray with a red frame, metallic details and a central image that looks like Egyptian art. Around the ashtray are a hip flask, Zippo lighter and a blue-and-white vase holding yellow flowers
A side table with two drawers is upholstered in leather and a pale, textured fabric. Beside it is a brown leather couch. On its surface are a glass snifter of whisky or another dark liquid, an ashtray holding a cigar and a blue-and-white vase of yellow flowers. Behind it, wooden bookshelves hold a very large white shell, some hip flasks, and vintage books
A bottle of Hennessy and a bottle of port sit on a gold tray with some glasses and what appears to be a cigarette box. Two jars contain cashew nuts, and in the background a patterned carpet is visible
A blue armchair featuring two richly patterned cushions sits on a patterned rug with a ceramic, cut-out side table next to it. On the wall is a framed illustration of an antelope, and slightly behind the chair are a leafy plant and a metallic standing lamp
An outdoor seating area with mountain views holds a number of wooden-framed sofas, a central table holding a collection of potted succulents, and a few side tables made of wood, metal and other materials. A metal sculpture of a stretching big cat is visible to the left.
A collection of potted succulents stands on an outdoor table with a wooden appearance. Blue-upholstered outdoor furniture, a patterned ottoman and a collection of outdoor tables sit alongside it
An outdoor seating area with mountain views holds a collection of wooden-framed sofas, a central table holding a collection of potted succulents, and a few side tables made of wood, metal and other materials. A metal sculpture of a stretching big cat is visible behind this area on a raised stone platform
The water of a dark-bottomed swimming pool is visible in front of poolside furniture holding blue and white cushions, a blue-and-white towel, and a plate of watermelon slices. Lush greenery is in the background
An A-frame, double-storey house painted in grey is surrounded by trees and other plant life. Wooden beams form a pergola-style cover for wooden, blue-upholstered outdoor furniture in an outdoor seating area
A selection of blue-and-white patterns and illustrated vessels and ornaments sit on and next to a table covered in a green, fringed cloth. On the exposed brick wall behind it, three plates hang, all of them with a design similar to that of the vessels on and around the table

The decor choices are carefully curated to either complement or contrast other elements in the room.

A Louis XV-style chair with a dark wooden frame has its back upholstered in a glossy, brown fabric while its seat and arm rests are upholstered in a colour close to duck egg blue. Wallpaper behind it is illustrated with ferns, and a vase of ferns sits beside it on a side table
A sink hollowed out of a large rock sits on a deep blue vanity, below an ornately carved wood-framed mirror. The wallpaper is patterned with illustrated ferns and two brown glass pendant links hang in front of the mirror
A seating area features a large, blue corner couch, a matching ottoman in the centre, and two green-upholstered chairs with a non-rigid design resembling more structured beanbags. On a wall papered in geometric patterns, a TV hangs, and on the adjacent, white walls, wire animal heads hang with stylised art of fighter planes and a monkey, each with union jack in the corner. The floor rug is made of small squares of animal hide
A blue-upholstered armchair with wooden armrests and two cushions – one green and one blue – sits in a corner under a framed cricket bat. A wooden door next to the chair seems to lead to a bathroom, and blue-and-white Nike sneakers are on the floor
Twin beds with blue and white linen are separated by a small, white bedside table holding a blue lamp with a white shade, a globe, and some books. Behind the bed, the exposed-brick wall displays four framed, simplified images of famous cricketers and the words "Kallis", "Stokes", "De Kock" and "Lara" respectively. A Gilbert rugby ball is on the floor
Drumsticks, pencils and two globes of differing sizes sit on a wooden surface beside a blue-patterned ceramic vase holding greenery and fruit that may be loquats.

This home has a perennial appeal with vintage and hand-selected pieces that each tell a story.

Two low-slung twin beds sit side by side in what appears to be a children's bedroom. The bed linen is a pale blue or grey, while the twin headboards and single ottoman are upholstered in plaid, and cushions on the bed are striped red. On one bed is a plush elephant, beside the other bed is a plush giraffe, and on the brick wall behind the bed are a vintage car's grille with five framed illustrations of vehicles: a pickup truck, small plane, VW van, double-decker bus and steam train.
In a closeup from a child's bedroom, a plush rabbit and elephant sit next to two vintage oil cannisters and a small toy truck. A world map illustrated with animals on their native continents is framed on the wall against plaid wallpaper, and a striped lampshade sits on a metallic base.

It was essential to create a space that exudes elegance, authenticity, and comfort for the whole family.

A wide four-poster bed with a white frame, white linen and pale-coloured pillows sits in front of a wall papered in a pale, sepia botanical print. White side tables to the left and right of the bed hold metallic lamps and vases.
One side of a four-poster bed with white linen is seen beside a set of bedside drawers. On the top of the drawers are a white espresso cup, two metallic vases and a metallic lamp base with a white lampshade. One vase holds a few branches of green leaves, and the wallpaper features a pale pattern of leaves or florals.
A modern, freestanding bathtub is seen in the middle of a room with a white, bèrgere-style armchair to one side and a table, holding candles and a vase of greenery, on the other. There are sheer curtains behind the bath, and wooden beams and a glass chandelier above it.
Project Time
6 Months
5 Bedroom
Karen Newman, Newman Architecture
An room is decorated in natural colours and textures with a heavy, round wooden table at its centre, holding art books, glass items and a vase of dried grasses.
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