A children's bedroom that features a bed with pink pillows and bedding, a pink occasional in the corner, wooden shutters and a desk with a chair to the right.Close-up of a child's bedroom with pink and white bedding and frames on the wall with 3D horses, also in pink.
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Fair Play

The client’s brief was to let their children have a hand in deciding the interior design style for their own bedrooms. The infusion of sophisticated design and decor with the playfulness of their children’s colour choices made this home a lively project from beginning to end.

A child's bedroom with a peach-toned, patterned headboard, pink and white bedding and bedside tables on either side with mirrors hanging on the wall above them.
A blue-upholstered chaise sits in front of a window looking onto a garden. On the windowsill is a glass vase holding branches of greenery, and the couch holds a fringed blanket, a magazine, and a cushion made of a fabric depicting monkeys, fruit and botanicals. The window is draped with the same fabric.
A contemporary bedroom with blue and white striped wallpaper, a navy blue bed layered in blue, white and grey bedding and an armchair in the corner next to a window with a view of trees.

Theatre of Colour

Selecting the different patterns, colours and designs with the children resulted in each room having its own unique style. Kids enjoy bold colours and aren’t afraid of using a variety of patterns, so there was lots of room to play in this Bishopscourt home.

A framed, black-and-white image of a swimming shark or fish hangs above a desk that holds a globe, a jar of pencils, an angle-poise lamp and two vases of greenery. Two white chairs stand in front of the desk, and the wall is papered with blue and white stripes.
A modern children's bedroom with a 4-poster wooden bed, a desk to the right and pink artwork to the left.
A sophisticated bedroom with a 4-poster bed in the centre, patterned wallpaper on the back wall and a pouffe just in front of the bed on the rug.
A bedroom with two chairs and desk in the centre of the image with the bed on the right.
Project Time
4 Months
5 Bedroom
Richard Perfect
A modern dining room with grey dining chairs and a sleek dining table with sliding doors to the right and the kitchen to the left.
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